Anna Karenina

I can’t say tis my favourite book but it is very interesting to see various adaptations of it on screen and read into how different directors saw Anna’s story and Russians.

This is my to do list (lol)

So far I have only seen 2 films out of 14. I didn’t like cast of the British version, particularly count Vronsky, and I absolutely hated Soviet 1967 version :-( Vassiliy Lanovoy is one of my favourite actors, him and Yuriy Yakovlev were the only fits for the roles, everyone else was miscast and just plainly bad. Levin, the best person in the book, was like an ironman, a knight sans peur and sans reproche (which is not true, the best thing about Levin is how kind and doubtful, not full of himself he is).

I am very hopeful about an adaptation with Vivien Leigh (she is amazing in my opinion) and the one with Sean Bean (because he is lovely) :-)