Lifehack Stuff

I have realised that in the past year or so I purchased several things that made my life better and managing things easier. It would be a shame not to share this info as I discovered lat night when having dinner with a friend (hi, Olya!)

First things first. A bag. The most important tool if you study, work, travel or all of those things. Phorce have finally sorted out all their issues with suppliers and managed to produce the bag that charges and cleans your devices. It is also a transformer bag that can be worn as a rucksack, a messenger bag or a briefcase. It comes in 2 colors (red and black) and more details you can find here. retail price is 599EUR for Mac and 549EUR for PC (yes, a bit more than on kickstarter where I bought it about 2 years ago).


Secondly, space organisers. I have got lots of stuff in my bag and changing bags was a nightmare – I would always forget to take a work pass or a lipstick or sometimes a wallet! Now I use Cocoon grids and this bag insert which means all I need to put from one bag to another is 2 things. Cocoons look lie this and come in different sizes and colours.

91xX1WChUCL._SL1500_ cocoon

Regarding bag inserts – I have bought one on the airplane and it was not that good: too soft, losing shape and not ergonomic in use. When I got fed up with it, I amazoned and found these pretty babies.


Another useful thing is a power bank which charges my iPhone up to 5 times. I am a heavy user of my mobile devices and Blackberry and iPhone die very quickly on me (also due to aged hardware and software but I haven’t made up my mind about the next device yet). I chose the one with 15000 mAh and I know there are various models out there so it all depends on the weight and power requirements you have. Mine is optimal for what I need – keeps all charged for 2-3 days and charging the power bank takes a night.


When I travel I usually carry a rucksack with clothes, makeup, shoes, iPad and a cross body with passport and cards. Cross bodies can be any brand and any price, lately it is chic to mix haute couture with sports garments so having a Nike rucksack with a Chanel boy seems like a good option ;) I have come across this absolutely gorgeous Cote&Ciel Nile rucksack with a built in hood that protects you from the rain (I am in love with it but not quite sure if I practically need it in my life).

jscA5ocl isar_rucksack_coral_obsidian_three-fourths_1_1


You could use a travel money belt for a passport and cards, I like this one from Samsonite and have it in grey colour.


I could go on and on but I need to stop and lastly just want to tell you about this year discovery for me – packing cubes. Fantastic and very useful, I do not pack without them anymore. Tip: I take an extra one to put dirty stuff in and when I come back home from travel it is easy to put it in the wash. Packing cubes come in different sizes and colours:


Hope this helps a bit and if you have any questions, feel free to let me know ;)