Phorce Pro :D


Dear backers,

Finally, your patience and support will be rewarded. Certification is 100% complete, production has started, and we’ll soon begin shipping your bags. We’ll ship out all bags before 30 September. You’ll receive an email when your bag has shipped.

Tomorrow we will be at IFA in Berlin to introduce Phorce Pro to the media. Starting tomorrow the product will become available for purchase at full price on New orders only ship on 30 September, after all Kickstarter bags have shipped.

The iOS app is still pending review from Apple. How soon it becomes available depends on the outcome of their review. The Android app has already been approved.

Phorce Pro
As you know we’ve majorly upgraded the product since its inception:
+ Better materials
+ Almost twice as much power
+ The ability to charge laptops and Macbooks
+ Motion detection
+ Backlit power ports

The product we will introduce tomorrow goes above and beyond what we originally announced. As such, we decided it deserved a new name to indicate this advancement: Phorce Pro.

Needless to say, all these upgrades weren’t cheap. To be completely open and honest, we actually lose money on every Kickstarter order. You stuck with us from the start and we’re happy to reward your loyalty and support.

Blood, sweat and tears
The development process has been a wild ride. To achieve the final result we had to develop virtually every component from scratch. Custom parts exponentially increase development time, complexity. That being said we believe the end result of going the extra mile to create something special more than justifies the invested blood, sweat and tears.

Phorce Pro includes 11 connectors for most PC laptops. Should your laptop model not be supported at present, please note that we are looking to make additional connectors available in the future. To charge MacBooks, please purchase a charging cable from MikeGyver if you haven’t already done so.

This is also your last chance to change your address. If you haven’t done so yet and your address has changed, please send us a message with your new address.

Have a great day!
Best regards,
Marijn & team Phorce