Berlin calling

Last week we spent fantastic 3 days in Berlin where we met with our friends. It was a surprise made by Ben: he knew I really wanted to see Katya and was very upset to have missed her and Felix’ wedding. So he got the tickets and told me to book a couple of days off work =)

I really needed a break as it was very intense at work those last couple of weeks when I had to be in the office at the weekend (even though it was only a couple of hours but mental exhaustion was catching up with me). To cut a long story short, I was looking forward to the mini-holiday and it was great!

Below are the photos with comments, no particular story line, just snapshots.

View from our room. We stayed at a cool hostel, called East Seven (the link takes you to video with the staff) and were lucky to have Christian on night shift. We sat around reception area with him and a couple of other guys, drank beer and schnapps and talked about travelling. It was quite a late night for us after the flight etc so the next morning began with a really good lie-in ;)



We lived in a hip area called Prenzlauer Berg, it has been going through significant gentrification in the last 2 decades and is equivalent to Hoxton, Dalston and Shoreditch. Filled with hip cafes and bars with funny names and posters.

IMG_4749 IMG_4751 IMG_4752 IMG_4935


We got hungry and being on holiday decided to go for wurst (German sausage) – we went to Hackescher Markt and got nice salads and Currywurst with Sauerkraut.

IMG_4754 IMG_4772

Easyjet onboard magazine wittily described Berlin as a city that seems to be a constant building site =) I liked the way it is organised though, very smart and efficient. Despite big size streets it felt a lot easier to walk around than in Paris or Moscow. Gentrification perks, I suppose. We didn’t have any nasty experience with German Turkish unlike Arabs in Paris or Brussels (as duly noted in urban studies, we have lost Paris to them).

IMG_4773 IMG_4774

The famous TV tower on Alexanderplatz.


A cute fox sweater.


Berliner Dom


Being in Berlin meant being in the hipster capital. We went to a closed gallery exhibition. Our friends have made a density map of Berlin from bubble wrap injected with ink and nails. The density of hammering and the colour coding stands for the number of people on a particular street. I liked it!

IMG_4780 IMG_4781

We went out to a bunch of places which all ended up the same way – in Curryexpress ;)

IMG_4783 IMG_4784

Fehrbelliner strasse



The thickness of poster layers is impressive!


Plates with the names of Jews who were exiled and murdered. Those plates are set in the pavement by the houses where they used to live.


Handwerker Vereins Haus


Pipe system in Berlin is deliberately conspicuous



Jewish cemetery


Museum island

IMG_4927 IMG_4934

Holocaust Memorial



IMG_4949 IMG_4936 IMG_4937

Die Berliner Mauer and Nordbahnhof station


IMG_4938 IMG_4939


IMG_4909 IMG_4897


IMG_4914  IMG_4899

My lovely Katya and Nikolasha =)


A bit of vanity =)

IMG_4904  IMG_4921

and to finish it off, Boulette =)



Berlin is awesome!