July 2013

A woman asks God, is it true that sex without love is a sin? Why are you all so fixed on sex, was His answer, everything without love is a sin.

Stave Hill


July was the hottest month of this summer – temperature rarely went below 27 degrees. We have come back from holiday and I had to go to Soton for UAT. It was tedious but had to be done, we also went out to Brazilian grill and that was really good. London had some impressive thunderstorms which didn’t relieve us from the summer heat. One night the wind was so strong that it broke a vase, Natasha and I glued it back together.


We also went out to parks a lot, had picnics and bbqs, played badminton and frisbee.

Ali, Jun, Ben, Nicki and myself in Hampstead Heath


Russia Dock Woodlands pond


Mosaic by Waterloo station


Trains, trains…

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Battersea Power Station


Waterloo station

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Went to the roof of my office

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View of West India Quay sunset


Twilight in the living room


Cloudy sky


Tomatoes growing on our balcony


Greenland Dock in the evening



Many of my friends around me had some changes in private life: either broke up or got in a relationship. One of the friends had some baby news which made me very happy =)

I finished my osteopathy treatment and also had the last haircut on the certificate (quite a good offer £43 for 3 appointments at Rush); saw my dentist and hygienist who were both very impressed with my healthy clean teeth (floss, floss, floss).


Workwise was a very quiet month which always upsets me as I lose motivation. But I had a chance to think about trainings and booked something for September. Speaking of, I have started preparation to Life in UK exam which I am planning to take in September with Natasha. It is quite cool – there is an iphone application with 284 questions and it gets you to confident Pass after a couple of hours training.

This month I cooked more than usual, I wanted everything grilled without oil ;) Made yummy chicken breasts in tomato sauce with black beans and some pancakes based on Tanya’s recipe, very easy and nice.


Went out to Anton’s birthday to Strongroom bar, loved the music and hated the service. Visited Haddenham for a beer fest. Had nights out with Sergey and Andrey, good fun.

Ducks by the chippie in Haddenham


Dean and Andy


Scotch egg


After a nice meal with Sergey


Had an early bday present from Olya: a picnic from Bea’s of Bloomsbury. It was very sweet ;)

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Also watched a movie Under the Tuscan sun with her and played with Morgan who seems to not remember me every time she sees me. It takes a while to break the ice but toys win her over. Made a new discovery – spoons for eating grapefruit!  They should be suitable for any type of scoopable fruit, methinks – kiwi, melon etc.


Curious Morgan


Tired of playing


Watched Before midnight and was hugely disappointed but I will not say why as not all of my friends have seen it yet. Wadjda was a good film while the World’s End not what I expected.

Ben has made first batch of ale and ginger beer =) We had a tasting session with Jun and her boyfriend, was a great night!


Vin and Sarah visited us, it was a weekend of non-stop fun!

Kalmyk tea – best hangover cure


I gave Vinny the sweater I finished, she said she liked it. Sarah didn’t like the blue one and I have ripped it to make a new bernat out of it. I think I will still purchase moss green Donegal yarn to make the original honeycomb sweater. Saw Cirque do Soleil and Sweet bird of youth. Reread the whole Song of Ice and Fire and am considering to start Max Frei. Read latest NG, NG Traveler and SNC issues (I regret subscribing to SNC).

A funny article in TimeOut London


I’ve spent 2 vanish bottles and a couple of hours trying to clean the carpet and can’t say it made a big difference.

I started working out again (very much influenced by Lena Myro’s fitness blog and yoututbe channel) and using Daily Arm/Leg/Butt workout apps, restarted the food diary using twitter. Wrote a big post about added sugar and fructose.


Migrated to Feedly and don’t read rss on desktop anymore. Have got some big plans for August – need to not procrastinate and make it all happen! ;) x