Before going on holiday Ben and I spent a day in Oxford. I have been there before many times and for Ben it was the first trip to Oxford, despite that he managed to show me the city in a new way and I enjoyed this visit a lot.

First of all, we went on a search of a pub, the one which is not a wetherspoon or samsmith, so we got to the Lamb and Flag, where they serve home made pork scratchings in plastic bags. This is where Ben discovered plughman’s lunch, nom nom!

IMG_9061 IMG_9063 IMG_9064

Then we went to explore Oxford…



Found a fantastic pub, Bear, but it was so spoilt by a loud group of Americans (why do they have to be so loud, can they not tell everyone else is talking normally and there is no need to shout?)

We bought a postcard for Vinny and signed it and posted it… without address! :))) Luckily I took a picture of Ben posting it so I’ve postagrammed it to Vinny ;)

IMG_9115 IMG_9134

We then found a nice pub where we had lots of beers and pizza. And then we went to the station to grab our train back home. Oxford is beautiful, we are looking forward to coming back!

IMG_9120IMG_9125 IMG_9153