June 2013

The month of June was blessed with lots of things: I enjoyed my summer, my friends company, holiday.

June began with Sergey and Alex’ wedding in North London. For the first time in ages I wore heels for several hours – as a result I looked great and completely killed my feet :)

wedd nat wedd2 wedd3 wedd1

Went to Zaz concert with Natasha, had lots of fun. Went to Oxford for a day trip!

oxf oxf2 oxf3

Welcomed Marina and Pasha for a couple of hours, agreed to meet again! Week before holiday I met with Olya, Sergey, Andrey, Natasha – was such a good week =)

We went to Decathlon for their jacket potatoes, Ship and Whale breakfast on rare sunny days. Tried new breakkie options like apple donuts with peanut butter (nom!)

jackt cwater ship water

We are growing tomatoes on the balcony (no cucumbers this year). Ben fell in love with ploughman’s lunch and it got introduced to our home made menu. Started liking ales which I never did before.


I have finished knitting the Killybegs honeycomb cardi and now am thinking of ripping it to change measurements. I began a new cardi meanwhile.

knit knit2

Cleaned my twitter account, took SAP training, went to Mile End and met some of Ben’s colleagues, really ncie people. For the first time in ages went shopping and got bath salt from Body Shop that makes me wanna take bath 3 times a day. Been to the middle of nowhere in Slough.


Had drinks in Barbican area (never done before).


Watched God Sobaki, a groundbreaking Russian film with Inna Churikova. Had trigger point therapy from Masha.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 21.52.58

Went out to lunch with Jun in Deptford area, it has some cool pubs and places there worth exploring.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 21.52.47pechk

Tried shellac for the first time in Canary Wharf area (the cheapest I have tried in London so far).


Got drunk on sangria twice – with Jun and with Natasha. Great Gatsby and Hangover were not all it’s cracked up to be while Mud was a good quality film. Had a weekend to myself when Ben went to Yorkshire (he brought me whitby jet earrings). Discovered a good new magazin called Real Simple, carries multiple useful advice and the last issue was about house organization.




I have read Dance with dragons by George Martin and started re-reading the whole saga. Enjoyed this interview by Ayn Rand.