May 2013

2013-05-09 11.27.14

This month I have decided to be more prompt and report on time (I actually typed this text on the 2nd of June but it took me some time to get back to it). May was full of events!
I walked every chance I got, took beautiful pictures of London which you can see in my instagram or some of them published under the “experiment” tag in “London” category. One day I walked for an hour and a half from Temple to HEX and saw absolutely fantastic things – Limehouse basin, embankment, Cable street, DLR. Ben joined me in my walking :) An open air exhibition with the pictures of UK nature has been open in More London Place, I never knew there were sharks in UK waters (well, they are not carnivorous).

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In May I was struggling a lot with payments as Yura was travelling (he is a perfect traveller by the way, wish he blogged more about what he saw) and beeline fees are 3 times higher than those of Megafon. Can you imagine the TBBT withdrawal effect ;) Still watching TBBT, Game of Thrones finally got interesting after the heel-dragging second season.
We also had Rob visiting us, spent a great weekend together and visited Christina. Had my first bbq on the balcony! The weather suddenly was merciful to us and I managed to wear my new unitednudes. I gave Rob the hat I made for his mohican.

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I went to the Breaking Convention with Sanya and Sergey, finished baby tomten. I have started and finished a new Irish jacket for myself. Now only waiting for the zip from ebay to complete it.

2013-05-05 14.26.22  2013-05-10 21.06.12
I was approached by the local community forum supporter who asked me if I would like to blog about our area.
Also went to see Orpheus with Olya and it was great!
Started trigger point therapy with Masha (fantastic!)
Went to Horsley for a team meeting, really enjoyed spending time with them, some of them are really great people! Been to Onslow Arms pub which was a great venue and served 2nd best steak I’ve ever eaten out (first great one was at Loetje, second at Onslow. The best one though is home made by Ben).

2013-05-14 20.46.06
Then the sun disappeared for several days and that felt really depressive – given stress at work and some of the thoughts that kept haunting me, I wasn’t my happiest self.

2013-05-08 07.17.29-1
This gave me an opportunity to reconnect in a new way with some of my friends. I was a bit brutal with some of them, and really patient with others – that gave me a good perspective on what kind of person I am and where my borders are with others. But still work in progress ;)
Tried smoked buckwheat tea (thanks, Natasha!) really nice :*
Went to yoga for the first time in ages, enjoyed it a lot!
Had interesting chats with some IT guys about the future of technologies. Continued with my French lessons.

Also been to Sadler’s Wells to see the latest Khan’s production – in the mind of Igor Stravinsky.

The highlight of the month was the Lake District trip that I haven’t blogged about because it was so grand and I want to do it properly.

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