Hada Labo hyaluronic acid range



I have been using Hada Labo super hyaluronic acid lotion since October 2012 (7 months) and when I was running out of it, I thought of ordering another bottle + some other products from the range.

So I have bought from the same eBay seller (he is British and his gf Japanese) the following: on the picture from left to right

face wash, lotion, essence, milk and cream which is not on this picture.

I’ve used the face wash 4 times, it is nice, nothing special but doesn’t leave my skin soapy so ok. For break outs prevention I would still use the iherb soap with sulphur.

Lotion is perfect =) I absolutely can’t stop praising this product. It is great.

Essence comes in a small bottle, looks a bit like serum, is supposed to be used on top of the lotion. I have tried using it on top and it made my T-zone shine, tried using on its own and it left my skin a bit dry.

Same is applicable for milk. I have to say that all products last so long – you only need a tiny bit for the whole face+neck.

Cream is used for the night or after an acid peeling, again, it makes T-zone a bit greasier but in general ok.

I am desperately looking for a good spf, one that would not break me out…