Phorce bag: next update



Hey guys,

We have great news for you, so please read on!

First of all we’d like to apologize for all the recent confusion around Phorce for Mac. Here’s a short summary:
Originally Phorce for Mac used Apple’s Magsafe Airline adapter, until they discontinued it. This adapter could power your MacBook, but couldn’t charge it. We then looked for alternative solutions, but couldn’t find any. So we sent you an update offering refunds, and subsequently collected & organized all your responses for processing, but then SOMETHING AWESOME happened…

We were about to press the send button on our ‘refund list’ email to Amazon when we came across MikeGyver who offers a legal solution that allows you to not just power but also charge your MacBook on the go. With your help (thanks!) we actually found a total of 4 options for you to chose from to power and charge your MacBook with Phorce!

We’ll upgrade Phorce’s electronics and battery capacity so it can comfortably power and charge your MacBook or laptop. In fact, the new Phorce will be so powerful that it can charge a smartphone 12 times, an iPad Mini 4 times, or fully charge a MacBook or laptop.

What does this mean?
Further increasing Phorce’s power & performance is expensive. We’ll also have to spend some extra time developing the upgraded electronics.

To compensate you for the delay that the advanced engineering & development will cause (and the confusion of the past weeks), we have decided that we’ll incur these additional costs ourselves and give you a much better product at the same price. Here’s what will happen:

Phorce for Mac backers will receive the new, more powerful Phorce bag at no extra charge. You’ll also receive an $80 refund that you can use to buy a compatible Magsafe cable (see 4 options below). As an additional bonus you’ll receive a universal laptop charging cable, in case you’d also like charge other laptops with your Phorce bag. You have 4 options to obtain your Magsafe charging cable, depending on what you prefer:

1- Buy a Magsafe cable from MikeGyver (+/- $100): They sell Magsafe 1 (see: 90 deg “L” shaped Magsafe cable) and Magsafe 2 (see: Magsafe 2 cable) cables. In the field ‘What will you use this with’ please write ‘Phorce’. They will go to an Apple store, buy a new & original Magsafe wall charger, and professionally modify it so you have a Magsafe cable that plugs into your Phorce bag that will allow you to power and charge your MacBook. For an extra $10 they will also send you the AC-DC ‘brick’ (the square box that plug into the wall) so you can also use it as a spare wall charger for your MacBook.

2- Use a Magsafe Airline adapter ($0 if you have one). Some of you have indicated that you already have a Magsafe Airline adapter. Included with Phorce will be a cigarette lighter receptacle, so you can plug your Magsafe Airline adapter in and use it to power your MacBook. Please note that this will only power and not charge your MacBook, but if that’s all you need and already have the adapter, this will work.

3- Modify your own adapter ($0): (most parts of this short manual can be ignored as they are application specific). All you need is 10 minutes, a wire cutter/stripper, and a soldering iron. We will include the required adapters with your bag. You cut the Magsafe cable of your own Magsafe adapter (the MacBook-facing cable, a few inches from the ‘brick’), and add a plug to each cut off end. You can now use your adapter as a wall charger, or unplug the Magsafe cable and plug it into your Phorce bag to power and charge your MacBook. Please note that this is at your own risk and does require some basic technical skills and this will void the warranty of your Magsafe adapter.

4- Purchase third party Magsafe car charger (+/- $30): We don’t recommend this as these products are not original (Apple doesn’t license Magsafe), however rumor has it there are third party Magsafe car chargers available on places like eBay and Amazon for very little money. Phorce comes with a cigarette lighter receptacle that car chargers (up to 90W) can plug into. This will power and charge your MacBook. Again: we can’t recommend this as it is not officially made by Apple so they don’t have a license or proof of quality, but if you’re fine with that you know where to look.

Phorce for USB backers will receive the new, more powerful Phorce bag at no extra charge. You’ll also receive a universal laptop charging cable, for free. This cable enables you to charge your laptop on the go. Phorce will be able to charge most laptops (maximum output: 90W), and of course USB devices (phones, tablets, etc.). The laptop pocket will be improved to fit most laptops up to 15″. Should you want to power or charge a MacBook at some point down the line, you can find a compatible power cable in one of the places mentioned above.

Why are we doing this? Because we want to give you a product that goes above and beyond your expectations. Most importantly though, we’re doing this because it is our mission at Phorce to make people truly mobile, and since you believed in us from the start we’ll keep our side of the deal- even if we lose money on your bags.

What now?
We’ll send back $80 to all Mac backers via Amazon Payments. We will do a final check of the list and send it to Amazon Payments next week for processing. This requires no action from your side, unless your name on Kickstarter is different from the name on the credit card that you used. In that case we’ll reach out to you to confirm the correct cardholder name. You can use this money to buy a Phorce compatible Magsafe cable (see above for 4 options, ranging from $0 to $100, and you don’t have to leave the house for any of them since you can simply order them online or make them yourself). We’ll also send out one final survey via Kickstarter tomorrow. In this survey we’ll ask you to select the color of your bag, the exact name you’d like engraved on your bag tag (only if you ordered the Kickstarter special), and your shipping address.

We’re hard at work with the development & testing of our software and electronics. In a few weeks time I will travel to Taiwan, and will update you from there with an updated shipping date and more pictures and details.

What’s the catch? 
All we ask for in return is to enjoy your Phorce bag and the freedom it gives you, and to spread the word so others can join the fun. Together we’ll make the world more mobile, one person at a time. Oh, and maybe you can donate your wall chargers to charity, since you won’t be needing them anymore :-)

Have a great day!!!

Best regards,

Marijn & team Phorce