Oral hygiene


This topic might seem boring to write about, however, I have got some experience that I think is worth sharing. In my blog I often make comparison of the way things are done in Russia and UK. Oral hygiene and dentistry is another example of that. In Russia the culture of hygienists is only known and resorted to in big cities where dental clinics are a mix of aesthetic and medical service centres. This is rather costly and not always value for your money.

NHS in the UK covers a limited range of dental services so people have to buy insurance themselves or go private. If you miss your NHS appointments twice you will only be allowed as a private patient. Rules differ from doctor to doctor but in general the better you plan the less you pay.

So taking care of your teeth and maintaining their health is a good investment ;)

Everyone is supposed to have their teeth checked and cleaned twice a year. Hygienist is allowed to work on healthy teeth only, if there are any problems they should be fixed first. During the appointment your teeth are cleaned using ultrasound and special tools to help you get rid of plaque and stains. Then they are polished with a toothpaste and covered with fluoride to ensure that the exposed teeth areas are protected (hence the rule not to eat for half an hour after the procedure).

The home routine includes: brushing teeth, flossing, cleaning your tongue, rinsing with mouthwash.

The best toothbrush I have ever had is Sonicare (Ultrasonic) by Philips.



They have got many models in their range, ours is great except for it breaks every year and I believe it is this particular SKU whose charger didn’t come out great. But as we are covered by Amazon, every year we receive a new one as a warranty replacement. Unless it stops we are not prone to upgrade for a better model ;)

So Ultrasonic toothbrushes are absolutely great, first time you use them they might tickle a bit but they clean like nothing else. Here you can read reviews and here buy one of them. Prices vary from £60 to £170 depending on the model.

Another great tool is floss picks, like those:

Crest-Glide-Floss-Picks-6209 Crest1


I have tried different floss picks and I strongly recommend those ones, they are comfortable to hold, the floss string is wide and minted well unlike cheap Tesco analogues like these ones. Ask your hygienist to show you how to floss properly or have a look at this video.

An alternative to floss picks would be an irrigator like that one: Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser


They do a good job of flossing and washing your mouth (you can add you favorite mouthwash in the container) but I personally haven’t used it once since I started flossing with Crest Glides. They are good as they wash the gum, clean the gum pocket, moisturise and aerate your mouth.

Next step is tongue cleaning and I know it sounds gross but it is so important to clean your tongue and you feel so much better having done this part of the routine. There are bad and good tongue cleaners. The irrigator above, that particular model, has got a tongue cleaner which sprays water and washes away the residue and it looks like this:


Or you can just buy a plastic one. Try to get it from your dentist as they are professional and clean much better than mass market brands available at supermarkets. I didn’t like this one:



But these ones are great as they provide better pressure and you need less time to clean.



As for the mouthwashes the supply is plentiful. I would advise something without alcohol and potentially not Corsodyl as it might stain your teeth (however, Corsodyl is great for sore throat rinses with its active ingredient as chlorhexidine).

Hope this was a tiny bit helpful and have a great smile =D