C25K or how to start running

Modern man runs. Some people say we are running away from the world, responsibilities and troubles. Other say it is not running away, it is running towards something.

I love running. But my willpower is very weak. I love chocolate, TV shows and lying on a sofa. This winter has been particularly hard, I gave up jogging around docks and even the thought of running made me cringe.

Until I have decided to pull myself together and a big help was this blog entry from geekchick.ru (it is in Russian but I will highlight key points). c25k, which stands for couch to 5 k, is a training programme to help you run 5k in one go. It builds up your stamina by interval running and has got many apps to enable you practising anywhere.

Obviously in this weather (-1 in London) I use treadmill. This free app has all key features I need: gives commands to start running or walking, plays music and is linked to my twitter account (I can’t afford to spam my facebook friends, they will block me, haha).



So far so good and I hope to be able to finish it on time without any disruptions ;) Run with me.