February 2013

London winter

February seemed such a long month even though it has the least number of days. It is the month when I grew tired of winter and London seems to have been freezing hell for the past 6 weeks. My desire for spring is so big that I have decided to write a monthly post before Feb is technically over.

In Feb we explored Greenwich: market, village, the park, tea house. We took Vin and Sarah there when they came to visit us. Vin has got a new boyfriend and it makes us happy to see how glowing she is :) <3 We had lots of fun when they were here: went to see Anjin at Sadler’s Wells and karaoked at Ben’s new job (oh, yeah!)&also explored Islington bars.

I have tried henna from Lush and iHerb, it makes my hair shiny but also dries it. I’ve been to a professional beauty exhibition and got myself new varnishes (including China Glaze brand which I have read so much about but haven’t tried before as I was lazy to order online). I’ve also had my hair cut with Rush at Charing Cross Road, wasn’t massively impressed, just a routine haircut.

I was also ill for a week and in general my health left much to be desired this month :( Had my assessment consultation as well.

We have watched all Sex and the city together with Ben which was really good fun ;) and I’ve also seen all of the Elementary and A young doctor’s notebook.

For the first time in my life (!) I have created a budget for the year and I can see that I can afford 1 exotic holiday and maybe 1 city break. Huge thanks to Yura who skyped with me and explained how financial planning works and shared some of the reads.

This month I have been cooking a lot more because Ben is working a lot and has no time for that. I have to say, I really enjoyed cooking =) My new favs are beans in all shapes and sizes and coriander. Also one of the highlights of the month was the chicken kebab working lunch with Natasha – a hidden gem in Canonbury area (it doesn’t even have a website cause it is a small cafe with plastic chairs where local builders come to get a sandwich).

I’ve also spent some more quality time with my friends which makes me happy: we went to see Manet at Royal Academy of Arts, went to a new Vietnamese cafe in Shoreditch (ah, cafeast is still way better than anything I have tried).

I have progressed some of my old forgotten French – enjoyed that a lot too.